BB-BEE Certificate and Sworn Affidavit


A BB-BEE certificate is just a certificate that verifies if the owners of the company are from a previous disadvantaged group or is in partnership with people from a disadvantaged group.The government has more than 500 billion rands worth of tenders and more than 70% of Private companies are using tender processes to outsource services to smaller businesses.  

 Your BB-BEE certificates are beneficial to these big company's as much as it is for you. Companies rewarding tenders are scored on your BB-BEE status whitch in return gives you a better chance of winning the tender because of your BB-BEE certificate.

Hope this gives you a little closure to your BB-BEE status and makes you think about your companies future.

We will provide you with a sworn affidavit as well as a BB-BEE certificate from a registered Accountant as different companies will require any 1 of these certificates.

Your certificate will be in your hands 24 hours after your request. 


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